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Debut album from Brooklyn band Gross Relations

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10 glorious songs

“Heavily distorted and catchy as hell, don’t sleep on Brooklyn up-and-comers Gross Relations. This fearsome foursome is churning out some sick garage synth-pop that will get in your head and stay there…On Fuzzy Timelines, these dudes somehow manage to make “broken bones and a mutated spine” sound like the most fun you’ve ever had. The second track, “You Don’t Know Me” is simultaneously explosive and sweet, like watching fireworks while eating a popsicle. The timeline may be fuzzy, but the future looks bright for Brooklyn’s Gross Relations.” - The Owl Magazine

“I’ve got gross relations, separations, fuzzy timelines, hidden landmines…” We don’t even know what the means, but when the guy from Gross Relations deadpans it over what sounds like a collision between The Rentals and the best high school garage-rock band ever, he sounds like the coolest person on earth. Gross Relations are just slightly off-center and distorted but immensely infectious—like a perpetual hangover put to music.” - The L Magazine

“Gross Relations have been going less than a year, but seem to have a clear idea with what they want to sound like. With the prominent keyboard lead lines (or maybe it’s heavily-treated guitar?), it’s pretty easy to make comparisons to The Rentals, but the band they really remind me of is Chicago’s late, great Number One Cup. Either way, it’s a good thing. Gross Relations write some majorly catchy songs." - Brooklyn Vegan