• Image of Turf War - Years of Living Dangerously CD

Buy this CD. It's really good. Seriously.

"...these boys have got it. It being that casually sloppy, earnestly exciting, barely controlled chaos that makes rock n’roll…well, rock n’roll. I seriously had nostalgic waves of early ‘Mats tingling around in my nether-regions when I first heard them. With an endless bent for vivacious, punk-driven pop songs, these unruly charmers have managed to capture on record the sentiment of sweaty, beer-swillin’ evenings with your buddies in a dingy, local dive where great music fills the room; you know, the kind of night you never want to end?" - My Old Kentucky Blog

"I keep listening... over and over again without really meaning to. I think I got addicted to it. ...It's a terrific, hooky record that gets by on attitude more than anything else; the word that invariably comes up in Turf War's press releases is "rowdy." Rowdy, yes, but but it certainly doesn't sound sloppy—these songs are tight little kernels of rock 'n' roll that urge you to, quick, learn the melody and memorize the words so you can sing along already. ...I have to say I love it." - Portland Mercury